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Finding dental care is often costly and uncomfortable, because of this will be the intervals between visits to major dental surgery. People's Dental Dental strives to provide the best possible dental care to their patients through good and comfortable service that also suits your finances. It is important to us that you feel safe and are taken care of. We at the Ektorps tandläkare are proud of our professional staff.

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an imageTeeth Whitening

Tooth bleaching is generally pretty cheap, safe method and effective cosmetic treatment. Unlike from a whithening toothpaste such as denevit only remove stains, make a tooth whitening teeth really white.
A typical tooth whitening lasts
5-10 years depending on if, for example is snus users, smokers or drink red wine, tea or coffee. The use of whitening toothpaste can significantly prolong the result.

Things you must know before you whiten your teeth:

Things you must know before you whiten your teeth:
If you have dental fillings of composite or porcelain, the match is usually the color you have ever had before bleaching. After whitening your teeth become white, but the fillings, do not change color. You may need to replace your fillings after you have bleached your teeth. This also applies to porcelain crowns and dentures.
You should have repaired your hole before you whiten your teeth. Bleaching agent can otherwise seep into the voids and create infection and tooth pain. The result is also better if you remove any calculus before whitening.
If you have sensitive teeth or gum disease should avoid teeth whitening. Some people experience extreme pain when they do tandbleknig or when they get bleach on the gums.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should also avoid tooth whitening, then there are no studies on it's dangerous or not.
You can whiten your teeth by:

-get a dentist supervised "take home bleaching".
-choosing teeth whitening that you can only do at the dentist, such as laser and power bleaching.
It is important to know that not all bleaching methods give the same results

an imageEndodontics

Endodontics diagnoses and treats diseases of the dental pulp, and also the complications that arise as a result out of an endodontic treatment. Endodontic treatment aims to:
-Keeping the pulp alive (direct and indirect capping)
-Maintain dead teeth
-Retain teeth with periapical changes
Endodontic treatment is used for sickness in the pulp cavity. The resulting disease in the pulp cavity is such caries or trauma to the teeth. During an endodontic treatment removes the diseased pulp and bacteria from all tooth channels, both mechanical and chemical means, working out of this channel and finally the root canal. A sick tooth pulp could be the cause of diseases such as the heart, joints, kidneys, and other things. One can often observe after successful endodontic treatment relief out of other health problems in those areas. Working out of root canals is the most important during endodontic treatment.

an imageProsthetics

As a professional dentist, we would never allow our patients have visible gaps in the teeth. Regardless of why teeth are missing, we replace them always with the help of modern restorative techniques.
We carry all types of prosthetic designs - with high quality and short production time. Cost and choice of method is discussed in the first consultation visit, when we examine your teeth and create a treatment plan.
Secure prostheses ie. crowns, bridges, crown and rotinlägg and structures on the implant is considered to be most comfortable for the patient, they are easy to use and has a natural and aesthetic appearance. The advantage is that the prosthesis is cemented in place with special cement so you do not have to take the denture out of your mouth.

Removable prostheses - or metal bonded prostheses - are made of acrylic and can be taken out of the mouth for cleaning. They are used when patients can not get a bridge (to get their teeth). Metal bond prostheses are made of a special metal alloy with staples anchors and hooks. The metal part is so thin that it does not cause any trouble.
We want to remind all patients who use removable dentures that they must be cleaned regularly, and rinse your mouth and massage the gums.

an imageSurgery

Tooth extraction is one of the most common treatments. Healing process usually passes without a problem, but part of the dentine is lost forever. The result is that the dentine becomes less and less broad than it was before tooth extraction. Subsequently, the gum volume and shape. These changes can occur anywhere in the mouth, but the biggest bone and gum change do you get when you pull out the canine.

It is important to keep intact dentin
Often after a tooth extraction, losing both the dentine and gingiva its function and its natural appearance. Your dentist can replace the lost tooth with an implant, bridge or an implant. Sometimes the bone loss so severe that further surgery is necessary before the missing tooth can be replaced.
Controlled tissue reconstruction
A treatment in which a membrane is placed over the damaged dentin. This membrane stimulates new bone to grow.

Bone graft
A bone graft is a surgical treatment that replaces missing bone with bone taken from the patient's own body. The transplant replaces not only the bone but also helps to build up the old.

Different types of bone
There are many different types of bone graft. Some transplants are coming from different parts of the patient's body for example. hip and chin. Other grafts come from donations, synthetic materials, and animals.
Similarly, there are various membranes. Some membranes are made of synthetic material and must be removed later.

Different types of bone graft:

It lifts the sinus membrane, which makes it possible to insert implants in the back of the upper jaw.

Reconstruction of alveolarutskott

The lower alveolarutskottet is a nerve that gives sensation to the lower lip and chin. Sometimes the nerve is moved to make room for the implants in the lower jaw.

an imageEsthetic Dentistry / Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile radiates confidence, wellbeing, health and youthfulness. A radiant smile and white teeth, says a lot about who you are before you even say a word. It communicates instantly that you care about yourself and how you look, that you are healthy and friendly. White teeth and a dazzling smile will give you great advantages both in private as in professional life.
Interest in the beautiful teeth can go as far back as 4000 years ago.
The Egyptians began using toothpaste. The archaeologists have also found the implant on a mummy.
Barbers were the first to 'whiten teeth'. This was done by using a file. The teeth were whiter moment, but the teeth became discolored very quickly, because they lacked protection.
However, healthy, white teeth and symmetric ideal.
Most people want to change her smile. The teeth can be discolored, crooked or have large gaps between front teeth. Others want to correct their teeth have become discolored, chipped or worn.
Cosmetic dentistry (cosmetic dentistry) is an art and a science to creating a new beautiful smile. Always use a dentist who has cosmetic dentistry as a specialty.
Today there are several ways to make your teeth beautiful

an imagePeriodontologi

Periodontologi (periodontal disease - periodontal disease) is the specialty of dentistry which includes diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the dental bracket. Periodontal disease is nothing else than the tooth supporting tissues, which hold the teeth in dental cavities, are pathologically altered. It is not always possible to find the cause of periodontal disease in one patient because the disease can be caused by various factors. The most common are: poor oral hygiene, impaired immune defense, genetic factors, chronic stress and smoking.
What causes damage to the gums?
Bacteria present on the teeth in the form of bacterial coating is collected between the teeth and gums. The coating is becoming harder and turns into tartar, which can no longer be brushed off with a toothbrush.
Tartar must be removed by a dentist as soon as possible. If you do not do it, the tartar that damage the gums and periodontal ligament before and the very bones. This can lead to inflammation called gingivitis. Symptoms are pain, redness, swelling and bleeding of the gums, especially during brushing.

The next more serious stage, which is a direct result of gingivitis is inflammation of the tooth. Inflammation of the tooth bracket means that even deep-lying tissues that support the teeth and holds the tooth cavities, is infected. This inflammation can lead to tooth loss.
Diseases of the tooth bracket are usually chronic processes that requires patients to follow doctors' recommendations for a long time. Thanks to technological progress can now be treated successfully.
The treatment involves the patient regularly brushing your teeth and mouth clean. While the dentist removes the tartar and deposits on teeth, doing surgery in tooth supporting tissues, fix teeth, for example with a steel frame and treat the inflammation with drugs.
In addition, we can now restore damaged bone tissue using natural or synthetic regenerationspreparat.

If you notice any slightest change in the gums,