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Ektorps tandläkare
Finding dental care is often costly and uncomfortable, because of this will be the intervals between visits to major dental surgery. People's Dental Dental strives to provide the best possible dental care to their patients through good and comfortable service that also suits your finances. It is important to us that you feel safe and are taken care of. We at the Ektorps tandläkare are proud of our professional staff.

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Ektorps tandläkare clinic
Ektorpsvägen 4, 2tr                                131 47 Nacka                                 Ektorp Centrum


Tel: (+46) 8-716 39 03
Mob: (+46)73-566 23 30





 Basic survey, diagnosis of dental

845 Kr

 Rentgan check up for individual tooth

60 Kr

 Rentgan check up for all teeth in the mouth

950 Kr

 Tooth extraction

1 005 Kr

 Tooth extraction, complicated

1 655 Kr

 Bleaching in Clinic

2 500 Kr


690 - 1 600 Kr

 Splint , Soft

2 900 Kr

 Splint , Hard

3 600 Kr

 Removing of stone and polishing the teeth with air flow

990 Kr

We specialize in implants. For more information about the award, please make an appointment for a consultation.

Since Insurance covers treatment as follows:

For dental care up to 3 000 SEK, you pay full price (for adults).
For dental care in 3 001 to 15,000 SEK , you get 50
% of the cost of replacement.
For dental care over 15 000 SEK , you get 85
% of the cost of replacement.