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Welcome to the website of Dental Clinic

Ektorps Tandläkare Clinic was founded in 2011. Its founder and owner is Dr. Ewa Boruch, who had earlier studied in the United States as well as in Poland at dental school.

Also studied biochemistry, where it proved that a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth can affect the human body. Ewa participates in many specialized courses and practical training, conducted by eminent experts from different countries. The acquired knowledge she is useing at her work with her patients, using modern and unique methods allow for effective treatment of teeth. For Ewa the main aim is that the treatment will be painless as well as comfortable for the patient.

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Our Treatments

Esthetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile radiates confidence, wellbeing, health and youthfulness. A radiant smile and white teeth, says a lot about who you are before you even say a word.


As a professional dentist, we would never allow our patients have visible gaps in the teeth. Regardless of why teeth are missing, we replace them always with the help of modern restorative techniques.


Endodontic treatment is used for sickness in the pulp cavity. The resulting disease in the pulp cavity is such caries or trauma to the teeth. During an endodontic treatment removes the diseased pulp and bacteria from all tooth channels, both mechanical and chemical means, working out of this channel and finally the root canal.


Periodontologi (periodontal disease - periodontal disease) is the specialty of dentistry which includes diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the dental bracket. Periodontal disease is nothing else than the tooth supporting tissues, which hold the teeth in dental cavities, are pathologically altered. It is not always possible to find the cause of periodontal disease in one patient because the disease can be caused by various factors.

Our clinic

  • Quality

    Our quality is that you, the patient will be satisfied with the treatments we provide and your contacts with all of the dental team. We are careful to follow developments in dentistry. All of the dental team has knowledge of the treatments we offer and the materials we use. We are continually and routinely with quality management, patient safety and the environment in our efforts to further improve its working methods.

  • Security

    The safety of our patients is the most important. That is why at each stage of the treatment we apply a set of hygienic procedures and we use the newest disinfecting tools, which guarantee 100% sterility.

  • Environment

    We comply with an environmental program to purposefully find improvements that contribute to a better environment both for ourselves and future generations. Some examples of our environmental programs: We do not use products with mercury (amalgam). We have installed special filters that remove virtually all (more than 90%) mercury out of our wastewater. We have a separate environmental agreement under which the hazardous products, we still have to use, is taken care of in a safe manner.


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