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Periodontologi (periodontal disease - periodontal disease) is the specialty of dentistry which includes diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the dental bracket. Periodontal disease is nothing else than the tooth supporting tissues, which hold the teeth in dental cavities, are pathologically altered. It is not always possible to find the cause of periodontal disease in one patient because the disease can be caused by various factors. The most common are: poor oral hygiene, impaired immune defense, genetic factors, chronic stress and smoking.

What causes damage to the gums?

Bacteria present on the teeth in the form of bacterial coating is collected between the teeth and gums. The coating is becoming harder and turns into tartar, which can no longer be brushed off with a toothbrush. Tartar must be removed by a dentist as soon as possible. If you do not do it, the tartar that damage the gums and periodontal ligament before and the very bones. This can lead to inflammation called gingivitis. Symptoms are pain, redness, swelling and bleeding of the gums, especially during brushing.

The next more serious stage, which is a direct result of gingivitis is inflammation of the tooth. Inflammation of the tooth bracket means that even deep-lying tissues that support the teeth and holds the tooth cavities, is infected. This inflammation can lead to tooth loss. Diseases of the tooth bracket are usually chronic processes that requires patients to follow doctors' recommendations for a long time. Thanks to technological progress can now be treated successfully. The treatment involves the patient regularly brushing your teeth and mouth clean. While the dentist removes the tartar and deposits on teeth, doing surgery in tooth supporting tissues, fix teeth, for example with a steel frame and treat the inflammation with drugs. In addition, we can now restore damaged bone tissue using natural or synthetic regenerationspreparat.