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Esthetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile radiates confidence, wellbeing, health and youthfulness. A radiant smile and white teeth, says a lot about who you are before you even say a word.

White teeth and a dazzling smile

It communicates instantly that you care about yourself and how you look, that you are healthy and friendly. White teeth and a dazzling smile will give you great advantages both in private as in professional life. Interest in the beautiful teeth can go as far back as 4000 years ago. The Egyptians began using toothpaste. The archaeologists have also found the implant on a mummy. Barbers were the first to 'whiten teeth'. This was done by using a file. The teeth were whiter moment, but the teeth became discolored very quickly, because they lacked protection.

However, healthy, white teeth and symmetric ideal. Most people want to change her smile. The teeth can be discolored, crooked or have large gaps between front teeth. Others want to correct their teeth have become discolored, chipped or worn. Cosmetic dentistry (cosmetic dentistry) is an art and a science to creating a new beautiful smile. Always use a dentist who has cosmetic dentistry as a specialty. Today there are several ways to make your teeth beautiful.