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As a professional dentist, we would never allow our patients have visible gaps in the teeth. Regardless of why teeth are missing, we replace them always with the help of modern restorative techniques. We carry all types of prosthetic designs - with high quality and short production time. Cost and choice of method is discussed in the first consultation visit, when we examine your teeth and create a treatment plan.

Secure prostheses ie. crowns, bridges, crown and rotinlägg and structures on the implant is considered to be most comfortable for the patient, they are easy to use and has a natural and aesthetic appearance. The advantage is that the prosthesis is cemented in place with special cement so you do not have to take the denture out of your mouth.

Removable prostheses - or metal bonded prostheses - are made of acrylic and can be taken out of the mouth for cleaning. They are used when patients can not get a bridge (to get their teeth). Metal bond prostheses are made of a special metal alloy with staples anchors and hooks. The metal part is so thin that it does not cause any trouble.

We want to remind all patients who use removable dentures that they must be cleaned regularly, and rinse your mouth and massage the gums.